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Raw Material

Egyptian Sand is one of the purest source for SILIKA, with queries only 100 km away….

Recycled Glass

Only Premium flint cullet is used, well sorted from debris and metals , well cleaned.


We melt glass using advanced equipment supplied by the industry leader "SORG", using less energy... Total melting capacity: 420 TPD


The "Emhart" feeders offer the ability to improve the thermal homogeneity and minimize weight variation.


We operate 4 lines of EMHART 10 TG state of the art model AIS ….. "A" stands for "ADVANCED" Called "ADVANCED" for unique options: • PARALLEL MOULD Open and Close mechanism • OPTIMIZED, BALANCED and fully controlled cooling


To ensure the toughness of the freshly formed glass containers, they need to undergo a heat treatment and be cooled in a controlled way inside a lehr. To make the bottles and jars more resistant to scratches, they are usually treated with a surface coating applied when they are still hot, before entering the lehr, with a complementary coating when cooled at the lehr exit.


Five stations ensuring, at the same time, finish inspection, base inspection, base stress inspection and mould number reading.


Careful packing : Palletizing Before shipping, bottles and jars are grouped in industrial packaging made from recycled materials. Once a pallet of bottles, packs or cases is complete, it is totally encased in a plastic wrapper which protects the Kandil products during handling and storage